CDC: ‘Zika Virus Is Scarier Than We Initially Thought’ | NBC Nightly News

Officials estimate mosquitoes that spread the Zika virus are in 30 U.S. states, and the CDC is asking Congress to act now to pay for immediate steps to protect Americans.
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CDC: ‘Zika Virus Is Scarier Than We Initially Thought’ | NBC Nightly News


10 thoughts on “CDC: ‘Zika Virus Is Scarier Than We Initially Thought’ | NBC Nightly News

  1. Why do you need to tell me to subscribe at the end of every video?  Lester is annoying.  Chuck is annoying.  It adds at least 15 seconds to the clips which forces me to have interact with my device to move to my next clip.

  2. sure you can buy the virus online from of course your David Rockefeller,, man made as usual and well be used to frighten the sheep into taking yet more DNA altering eugenics vaccines ,,,, you do no there is a clear depopulation agenda well under way on many fronts eh,, or are you all still in the mainstream coma you have been put into since the day you were born,,indoctrinated mind raped mindless debt slave tv watching zombies not real human beings,,,

    1. Tell that to the Moms with Zika Babies. It’s truth and comments like these shows you are a person who is too scared to face a HUGE THREAT.
      -Editors ZVA

    1. What planet are you living on ? Just because people aren’t concerned about it doesn’t change facts.
      -Editors ZVA

    1. Grow a brain . This doesn’t cause Down Syndrome. DS kids can have a very good life and be happy.
      Zika causes microcephaly, zero quality of life.
      A growing nightmare that people need to take seriously.
      Editors – ZVA

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