The Zika Virus Explained

The Zika virus is spreading through the Americas and is suspected to be causing babies to be born with tiny heads (and less developed brains).

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The latest from the CDC on Zika:
The who, what, where, and when of Zika:

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31 thoughts on “The Zika Virus Explained

  1. That evil old George W Bush is at it again!
    First, he blew up the twin towers with a controlled demolition in conjunction with holograms of airplanes. Then he uses his weather machine to create Katrina to kill off the black population followed by the murder of Michael Brown that he ordered because Brown was on to a government conspiracy that evil Bush was involved in. Then he used his crack team of scientists to release the ebola virus to kill off more black people to quench his racist appetite. He was responsible for the disappearance of flight MH370 as well as every mass shooting that's happened. Now his crack team is at again releasing more diseases zika was created to control the population so people will stop reproducing.


  2. The problem with this video is that microcephaly in Brazil is being caused by pyriproxyfen which is a larvicide that was put in the water supply to prevent Mosquitos from breeding. I am no conspiracy theorist but this never made sense to me from the beginning. It is a total propaganda campaign to divert attention from the big chemical companies responsible.

  3. the racist undertones in the stupid video exposes the stupidity of the creators by terming these diseases an African, poor people disease/ virus, hence requiring little attention and avoiding these countries. The viruses seem to outbreak at suspicious coincidences like the upcoming summer Olympics in non-European countries. There has been no outbreak of any disease, serious or mild, whenever a major event, e.g. sports, takes place in the US or in the European continent. Ask yourself why.

  4. A indigenous R&D Centre in Southern India already claim to have found the cure for Zika Virus. But they say that carrying out various tests on normal animals subjects etc and other governmental procedures to register it as a cure may take many years. So they have asked the government to give approval as fast as possible,so that the free cure is out within a year and a half.

  5. [Sorry for my bad english] I'm from Brazil and it's incredible how fast this disease has spread. Years ago, the sting of Aedes Aegypti just disseminate Dengue Fever (which one was already very difficult to control). In 2014-2015 the World Cup bring us Chikugunya (with sintoms very similar to Dengue). The mosquitoes now can place their eggs in dirty water (on the past, only clean water could to store eggs), increasing the proliferation. To worsen, kisses and sexual fluids can transmit the Zika. :(

  6. Essa epidemia é preocupante mas onde eu vivo no Brasil tomamos as precauções e evitamos maiores transtornos.
    That epidemic is worrisome but where I live in Brazil we did the precautions and because of that we don't have now huge troubles.

  7. There's always a type of virus that affects Melanated people. For a long time, it has been the HIV AIDS virus, two years ago, it was Ebola and now this. I think there is an agenda to cut the reproduction rate of melanated people across the globe. Hence the "epidemic outbreaks" of these viruses that seem to pop out of nowhere. Keep away from these vaccinations

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