Florida and Louisiana Zika Virus Outbreak Nightmare to come ?

Things are not looking good for Americans and those visiting Florida and Louisiana in the coming months.

Projected Zika Outbreak Maps show troubling numbers for Summer of 2016


“Nearly 300 million people in the Americas live in areas where the mosquitoes that spread Zika thrive, and more than 5 million babies a year are born to women living in these areas, the team at the University of Washington, Oxford University and elsewhere report in the journal ELife.

“Although Zika virus has yet to be reported in the USA, a large portion of the southeast region of the country, including much of Texas through to Florida, is also highly suitable for transmission,” they added.

“It’s a fair strip all the way across that coastline from Texas to Florida,” said David Pigott of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, who worked on the study.

“We also estimate that 5.42 million births will occur in the Americas over the next year within areas and times of environmental suitability for Zika virus transmission,” the team wrote.

The good news for the U.S. is that even though the mosquitoes that carry Zika can be found as far north as New York and San Francisco, in many areas the populations don’t circulate for enough days every year to make it likely Zika will build up in the insects and in the people they bite.



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