देश में तेजी से फैल रहा NIPAH वायरस..जानें क्या है ये..जिसने केरल में ले ली 3 लोगों की जान

देश में तेजी से फैल रहा NIPAH वायरस..जानें क्या है ये..जिसने केरल में ले ली 3 लोगों की जान

NiPah virus is spreading rapidly throughout the country. Let’s tell the dangerous NiPah virus in Kerala is spreading in Kozhikode. Three people have died after being hit by this.
This NiPah virus has stirred the whole country. Especially in Kerala Kozhikode this virus is spreading rapidly. There is also confirmation of having a nipah virus in 25 people’s blood. The Kerala government has sought help from the Center to deal with this. After taking the matter seriously, Union Health Minister JP Nadda has ordered the NCDC team to move to Kerala.
Do you know how the NiPah virus spreads, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the nipah virus spreads from bats to fruit and fruits in humans and animals. In 1998, for the first time, its cases were reported in the Kampung Sungai Nipah in Malaysia. Because of this, its name was nipah virus. In 2004 the case of this nipah virus was also found in Bangladesh.
There is a serious infection that spreads in niph or humans and animals. This virus is the cause of encephalitis, so it is also called ‘Nipah Virus Encephalitis’. ‘Nipah virus’ is related to the Hendra Virus. This infection spreads through fruit baits
According to the initial investigation, the people involved in date farming take this infection to its grip soon. Due to this virus, a lot of people were affected in Bangladesh in 2004. Earlier it was seen in pigs too.
People affected by this virus have difficulty breathing and feel irritation in the brain. At the time of treatment, death can not be found. The nipah virus in humans is associated with encephalitis, which causes swelling in the brain. Fever, headache, dizziness has been found in early symptoms. According to doctors, in some cases the patient goes into coma even after symptoms increase within 24-28 hours.
So far no vaccine associated with this virus has come. To avoid this virus, avoid eating fruits, especially dates. Fruit should not be eaten by trees. This virus spreads from one person to another. To prevent this, there is a need to maintain distance from the infected patient. The patient’s care is the only way to cure virus. Always keep infected animals, especially pigs away from yourself.

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