IGG 2012 Archive Videos (teaser)

In November 2012, we folks at Indie Games for Good put on our 2nd annual independent video games marathon to raise money for Child’s Play Charity. The deal was: donate money, and we’ll add playing whatever indie game you choose to our schedule.

The result exceed all expectations: $12,856.76 raised for 76 straight hours of playing over 120 different games.

But, good causes notwithstanding, the broadcast was a special treat in its own right. Dozens — sometimes over a hundred — fans would tune in and be entertained by our various antics for hours on end.

We promised that we’d sift through our videos and post the best footage somewhere accessible. It is high time we make good on our promise.

Stay tuned to this channel, and you will (re)witness some our best moments, including:

• Interviews with the developers of some of your favorite indie games!

• Our hilariously ill-fated attempts to work as a team on a spaceship in Artemis!

• An invasion by our dastardly alter-egos, from Indie Games for Evil!

• Our “league” of Johan Sebastian Joust players — a special preview of the upcoming game/contact sport from the Sportsfriends Kickstarter!

• UltraJMan, famous Let’s Play-er, squaring off against our own Colin Wheelock in a special “evil mode” I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden challenge, all under the sadistic control of Kayin (developer of I Wanna Be the Guy) himself!

• Playthroughs of the famous horror games Slender and Amnesia where we basically lose our s**t. (Featuring the famous Scream.)

• A very special Frog Fractions playthrough, with Jim Crawford (Twinbeard Studios), as well as the JimJam, a game-jam lead by Jim and a featuring games made by you! Yes, YOU!

• Our sideshow of challenges: blindfolded QWOP, Caramell dancing, musical numbers and MORE!

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