Mexico violence: police flee the scene, hitmen arrive and kill 27-year-old in his house – TomoNews

CRISTO REY, MEXICO — A video circulating online shows the tragic moment when a man is killed outside his own house in Cristo Rey, Mexico, right after police officers fled the scene.

The footage was captured by a neighbor. In the video, the officers can be seen getting into their pickup trucks and driving away, as they are outnumbered by armed men inside the house.

Immediately after, you can hear a woman screaming “Lo van a matar!” which in Spanish means “They are going to kill him!”

And so they did. In the video, two men inside the house take their target outside. No matter how much the witnesses screamed and cried, they eventually pulled the trigger before leaving on two cars.

The victim was identified as 27-year-old Elías Constantino.

According to El Debate, he had a criminal record for kidnapping his girlfriend from her family on Jan. 6 and shooting at her brother in the leg for trying to defend her.

On Jan. 7, the woman managed to get back home, but on Jan. 27 Constantino came back to her house and kidnapped her again.

An investigation has been opened to determine the reason behind the killing.


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