Colloidal Silver Kills’ AIDS on Contact ! SEE WHAT ELSE IT CAN DO – THE PROOF !

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This video will show proof of how my Colloidal Silver completely cured my strep-throat, poison ivy, friend’s face sores, my dogs’ 100 stiches’/injury. What set’s my video’s apart from all the other colloidal silver video’s is PROOF. What good are word’s ? NONE unless you have the proof and the proof is what MY colloidial silver video’s are all about, unfortunately no other video offer’s proof to their claim’s, however c/silver does cure up to 650 known pathogens, germs, viruses while the pharmacuticle antibiotics heal just 350 what a difference that is !
I make and sell good quality and very, very effective colloidal silver you can buy, why buy less when you can get the best ( :

If your wanting to start taking colloidal silver today then you want to visit my website STORE @ and you’ll get the best prices and c/silver program you need. If you have an illness and wish to cure it with colloidal silver then you should know that if you purchase anyone of my c/silver programs I will provide to you an open window of personal support throughout the duration of your established program. If you are unsure of what program you need for your condition then you may consult with me so we can establish the very best program to restore your health.
So many people make the mistake of taking the wrong amount and PPM of colloidal silver when they get sick however the dosage amount and part’s-per-million must be established specifically to treat that particular problem in order to cure or restore your health.
I will work with you throughout the duration of your colloidal silver program. All my programs’ come with a dosage chart specifically created to treat your condition. I will furnish you with my personal home number and email so that I can monitor your progress and provide my assistance seven day’s a week including holliday’s.

If you purchase one of my Colloidal Silver Generator’s it come’s with 30 day’s of my personal support, I will work hand in hand with you until you suceed in making the very best colloidal silver possible !
If you want to pass on my personal support – My c/silver generators also come with a step by step instruction guide that shows’ you how to make effective colloidal silver and a blank dosage chart so you may create your very own c/silver program.
I offer several program’s which cover the total treatment of 300 health conditions.
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