Lead poisoning: Excessive lead levels found in New York water systems

Originally published on 11 April, 2016

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A review of Environmental Protection Agency records has found that lead levels in some New York water systems are over the legal limit.

An Associated Press review found that 82 out of 2,800 public and private drinking water systems in New York state have had lead levels that exceeded the federal action limit at least once since 2013. These include 16 school or daycare systems that have their own water systems.

According to the World Health Organization, when children are exposed to high levels of lead, it attacks the their brain and central nervous system. This can lead to convulsions, a coma or even death. Lower levels of exposure can also lead to developmental problems in the child’s brain, influencing everything from IQ to to behavior.

High levels of lead exposure in pregnant women can lead to miscarriage and stillbirth among other things, the WHO notes. Low levels of exposure in adults can also lead to high blood pressure and even kidney damage.


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