When paranoid delusions come true – Reality check (Documentary, 2013)

In the past, those who were convinced that they were being pursued by invisible rays or that their telephone conversations were being monitored were considered to be paranoid. Nowadays, people are being monitored as soon as they produce any sign of life. That is just the beginning, however. The research is ongoing and the reality is not far behind.

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In his new documentary film, Niels Bolbrinker takes us on a journey into the minds of the clinically paranoid and contrasts their world with that of the scientists, working on surveillance techniques, biomedicine, neuroscience and crowd control. The paranoid have been proclaiming the existence of seemingly fanciful apparatus and models, with remarkable technical detail, for a number of decades. It now turns out that many of their notions had already been subjected to research in the real world. Hence, concepts that had been consigned to the realm of fantasy for many years have now become part of our daily reality. Furthermore, the delusions of the paranoid have, in some cases, long been surpassed by events in the real world.

Orginal title: Reality Check
A film by Niels Bolbrinker
© 2013 filmtank


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