All About ZIKA Virus – Infographics (Infectious Disease Infographics Book 2)

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Infographic presentation of all about Zika virus is an educational book. Infographics are the best way to communicate message in a concise and engaging way with audience for maximum impact. The series of infectious disease infographics is a great initiative in public health to educate community and increase health awareness through the visualization.

The infographics of all about Zika virus covers following topics:

•Zika virus and History
•ZIKA virus transmission
•Symptoms of Zika virus
•Health effect and risk of Zika virus infection
•Areas with risk of Zika
•Diagnosis of Zika
•Test and Interpretation test results of Zika virus infection
•Prevention of Zika
•What to do if you have Zika
•Recommendation for pregnant women
•US Zika pregnancy registry

This book presenting information all about Zika virus in the form of images accompanied by minimal text, infographics convey an easily understood about Zika virus a complex subject visually, capture attention and gain health knowledge.

If you or your family are at risk of Zika virus, or want to learn more about the Zika virus and then this is the book you need to read. Download it today and get a better understanding now.

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