The G Virus

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On a carbon-ravaged planet, humanity faces extinction as the g616 virus sickens its people, reducing nations, races and faiths to horror, madness and war— until a doctor on the cutting-edge of virology arrives at the Untied States Centers for Disease Control.

Dr. Jackson Baker and his trusted mentor —famed scientist Dr. Dianne DeSilva—

find their critical research destroyed when a merciless triumvirate of global religious leaders espouses the g616 virus as a “Virus of God,” delivered in preparation for the Tribulation of Biblical decree.

Jackson must learn to fight like a mercenary… and to the death.  He and other scientists must utilize electromagnetic artillery, plastic poisons and minuscule drone-vipers if there is any hope of saving humanity.

Only in the last conflict —and far past the point when Jackson has learned the facts— does he finally realize the deepest truth behind the global pandemic, a shattering fact more horrible than anything he has ever imagined.

With the world’s greatest powers poised to destroy the human race, Jackson must choose between saving those he has come to love… Or saving a world he has sworn to heal.

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