Zika Virus Epidemic : Be careful Stay there , Mom

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Zika Virus Name it Good I heard it In the ear To play There is , ” Junken Junkanna … ” . Named Virus I Remember To be May In reality , Eokol Hold on People Know As much as Zika Virus Care To give Something No. Zika Infection Though To eat Pay attention Too much Blueprint Do it Wandering … can be. But then now We are I know Blueprint Be done Can be No Why so Can be No That Talk about To say this Writing.

Zika Virus Democratic Being Flavivirus Dynasty Identity Estimation Do it Theirs Bad name Do it Day Crossed Will be That Dynasty Everyone Viral Uhko Rsadijbara – headache The reason. Flavy – Virus Mass Virus Who , their Often, ” Encephalitis ” Of it The reason To be Meet up Goes. Theirs Most of them In the brain Or Nervous system Infection Temperament

Head I mean Nerve Deal. Nerve That Fake Body Spread , him Say Body Nervous system Zika Virus More Her The brothers Temperament Being The brain , the brain In the bag More In the nerves Infection To be done. Theirs In the middle Another one Matching Have there. Flavivirus (In the know ) everyone Any No Any In the vehicle Ride on Attack Do it. Theirs Vehicle In the list Have there Mosquitoes , lice More Lice Like it Insects. Dengue More Zika Virus Both of them Vehicle Being Addis Mosquito

Zika Virus Infection Two Kind of To be May General Infection More O of non-SM-fold Infection

Dengue Fever Bullshavn With Well Scandal Washed Throw down That Float Float Dengue Smell Fever That’s it , that ‘s it Zika Virus General Infection With Comparison Be done Goes. Little Headache , light Fever , a little Absolutely Eyes Red Becoming , Waist – Knee – Contoes Pain , all these Being Zika Virus Infection Signs Ours Country Like it “Enough Improved Not ” – In the country , these are Light Signs Someone Care Gives No For that Many People Know No They are Infected Has been there. Once Zika Virus Infected If you In the afternoons More Infected No To be Possibilities More than ( Reason Being Body Guard Cells , who The first Infection Virus In China Keeps it More Next Infection Virus Something Damage Do it Rise up Beforehand Theirs Hold on Crisp That).

So so Everything In total , Zika Virus General Infection fear Power Something Not there. See Power too As much as Something Not there. But then Mothers For Reality Otherwise. That In context I’m coming.

60 Year More than That’s it Zika Virus Regarding People Knows. In the middle In the middle Epidemic Either , has been. Someone Care Gives No Care No To give One of The reason Probably Importance To give Like it Savvy No Stay However Especially , those are In the country Nipah , Zika , Dengue , Malaria Like it Impossible Powerful Germs Infection More than That is , those are Country Infection Research Ridiculous Theirs Research Wish No. Little Wish Even though Money No. That Little Money Have there He too They are Guns Buy it Hill – Indigenous Kill Cost Do it.

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