Zika Virus: Part 1

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Her writing suffers until she meets her fantasy woman. The subject of her book is one she is familiar about, the end of the world. Her character will become the first pregnant virgin in 2000 years. If only the author would have been able to keep her baby, she would not be taking vengeance out on the doctors by writing them as the evil corporation bent on world domination. PP for all intensive purposes has become the resistance’s scapegoat, they will not rest until all operations are shut down. The humans are dying out, the only solution is the proper management of the last remaining women. The final war for humanity has begun. If they do not prevail then their time on earth has come to an end. As the author is writing the book she crosses paths with would be lovers, deals with her own earth shattering problems, and eventually finds answers and fulfillment. While researching, Susan is thrust into a conspiracy. She has no idea the depth of its reach, in that case if there is really one in the first place. She is scared and runs for her life, nobody likes stalkers anyway. This is J. A. Poore’s debut work. A perfect mix of an apocalyptic thriller and a contemporary love story with a dash of criminal conspiracy. Floods caused by climate change have created the perfect breeding ground for the carriers of the most devastating virus humans have ever known. Babies are born without ever being capable of surviving the harsh realities of life. The only way to make sure that children survive is to keep their mothers contained from the outside world.

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